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The OlioCRU collection reflects our mission of tying together tradition, research and technology striving to create the highest quality products possible. It is a selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and that received, throughout the years, numerous national and international rewards.





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OlioCRU Box 3 x 100ml.


The oil mill | OlioCru


A good olive isn’t enough to create an excellent oil

OlioCRU is the expression of the Territory based on history and tradition and looking into the future with an innovative eye.

We are located in Upper Garda, where the landscape is painted with the characteristic green of the olive trees, spread out on the typical terraces surrounding the northern part of the lake. Our agricultural estate extends between Riva del Garda and Arco (TN), the northeastern part in which the olive tree can grow, between the 45° and 46° parallels.

Our Extra Virgin Oils | Cesareo Monastero

The Extra Virgin Oils Cesareo Monastero are made with 100% italian selected olives. This way we can offer a wide range of different aromas to pair to any kind of dish.

Extra Lab




It’s time of | Milling

Our new OlioCRU oil mill at Domus Olivae is one of the most modern and technological in Europe, and it is able to guarantee the processing by protecting the organoleptic features of the product and preserving the aroma and the taste.

Our service includes for kinds of processes: pressed, pressed bio, pitted, pitted bio.

Why to choose | OlioCru


from a niche production to a research laboratory, born as olive mill and specialized in high quality Extra Virgin Oil production and in by-products of the processing cycle

Unspoiled Terroir

we are located in an unspoiled Terroir, unique in the world, with owned land where is possible to control the raw material at its origin

High quality

high quality products thanks to the advanced processing technology

Research and Development

always at the forefront with continuous research and development projects


a high qualified team, keeping on training and studying

Our quality certificates | OlioCru

Despite the young age OlioCRU has achieved important national and international results; some examples are The Best Biologic Extra Virgin Oil from Gambero Rosso; FLOS OLEI97/100 Best 20 2019; Italian Oil 2019, among the best 10 oils in the world, the only Italian one; Slow food OLIO SLOW…SOL D’ORO COMPETITION Bronze Medal; EVOOLEUM best Italian oil 2019