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A multisensory experience

Come and visit our Domus Olivae in Riva del Garda

Domus Olivae is our Company Headquarter. A real eco-friendly “olive’s house” in which we take care of every single step, from harvest, to milling and sales. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn’t to us only a food dressing, but instead a wider world, made of history, culture, creativity and most of all taste and health.

Polyphenols, naturally present in the olive, indeed play a crucial role in taste and in antioxidant properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and are responsible for features as body, structure and roundness, which define great Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

A guided OlioCRU tasting sharpens the senses and deepens the knowledge, it is a multisensory experience of pleasure.

Come and visit us | OlioCru

We will get you into the Extra Virgin Olive Oil world, showing you the laboratories of the milling production, we will explain all the different phases that turn the olive into Extra Virgin Olive Oil through our highly technological equipment, from the fruit to the bottle, with a multi medial and multisensory Itinerary.You will discover our interpretation of circular economy, experiencing the results of olive processing.

After the visit you will taste our products under the guidance of a qualified expert, who will explain the differences among the different oils, will suggest the best food pairings and will answer all your curiosities about Alto Garda olive oil.

Type of tour | OlioCru

In the factory shop Domus Olivae is possible trying all Extra Virgin olive oils produced.

Tours and tastings:
Group visits and tastings at the oil mill are carried out in an extremely safe manner and by appointment only.