If you want, after the milling, we can in just a few days return your prized product to you in packaging that protects it and conserves it over time.

Taste and smell are senses that immediately detect any possible discrepancies that may inevitably occur if the product is not protected.

Various options of bottles, various quantities of containers, from gift packaging to those more suited to storage in the home, like the Bag in Box – vacuum packed and nitrogen filtered. If you don’t avail of these options, after some time the taste of your product will alter, losing the fragrance and transforming the fruit of your labour in some cases even into visible defects.


AChemical and Sensorial nalysis

Understanding the quality of your Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always an indicator of correct management of the process, from collection to delivery.

If your olives are not perfect, and every now and again nature is like a wicked stepmother, the quality inevitably decreases, and the value of their quality is identified from the beginning with an immediate ‘zero time’ analysis, with the laboratory instruments that we can make available to you.

After this, if you want, our internal taste panel can “describe” your product to you, identifying the characteristics according to a methodology that is by now standard and approved both on the Italian and the European regulatory level. This is important in order to know if you are awarded your “little” CERTIFICATION of “great” olive grower of our Garda territory, as well as knowing about the sensory characteristics and the chemical analysis of the product.