A concentration of health from the olive

PreBiÒ produces a prebiotic flour of vegetable origin, obtained through the drying of the pitted olive paste, that when processed gives life to the Crunchy stick and Crunchy powder. The products have been tested “in vitro” and “in vivo” and can alter the bacterial microflora. They are essentially a concentration of biophenols (or polyphenols of olive), bioactive compounds naturally present in olives, but during the processing into extra virgin olive oil remain for the most part in the separated pulp.

The action of the biophenols is extremely important in a healthy diet: they actually prevent inflammation and various illnesses, stimulating the immune system and modulating the bacterial flora in the gut.

PreBiò: An innovative start-up, with young researchers that get involved in recovering whole and complete the fruit of the olive, as a container of active ingredients that are extracted together with the Extra virgin olive oil, and more.

From the experience of the Prebioil Research Project, developed in OlioCru in almost four years of intensive work, with a team of three researchers supported by the collaboration with the Edmund Mach Foundation, through their Centre of Research and Innovation, and the Eremo Nursing Home in Arco, not just new products come about, but also the knowledge that the new foods, the so-called superfoods, can find suitable placement in a market attentive to the needs of the new consumers, only if the research, in a context of a short, organic chain without additives, will allow the active ingredients of the agricultural products to realise their potential without manipulation, but rather in a virtuous system of circular economy that will also ensure the recovery of what is today classified as residue or even as waste.

Our research philosophy therefore moves away from these paradigms:

Prebiotics are substances that reach the intestine undigested, and are extremely important for the health of the gut because they are capable of nourishing and encouraging the growth of “good” microorganisms within it.
The high concentration of biophenols and fibre in the PreBiÒ products make them excellent prebiotics.


The quantity of biophenols contained in the PreBiò products uniquely sourced from the olives without other additives. Thanks to the drying process that transforms the olive paste from a perishable to stable product, PreBiò conserves all the health goodness of this fruit.


The olives that we extract PreBiò from are cultivated according to organic agricultural methods, in full respect of the plant, the environment and the people. Furthermore, we do not waste anything in a truly virtuous circle, since the pitted pulp from which we extract the PreBiò products is the result of the milling which produces OlioCRU, a superior extra virgin olive oil.