Prebiò: A project that manages to significantly incarnate the concepts
of good, clean and right in the modernity of its objective and course pursued.

Certainly, the research is not only turned towards the outside, but first of all we consider it a commercial growth factor. A growth factor that we see at the cutting edge in the sanitisation of the product, not only of olive HYDROMASSAGE, but in also ensuring their correct drying.

Three washing tubs that are automatic and in series, that have appropriate sensors that can be monitored also from the outside give us the security that the product is ready and prepared.

This is also just an example of the research that can assure our clients and evaluating friends that our road does not follow paths already trodden, but is directed towards a precise goal: maximum quality, informed use of the technology and innate curiosity.

Research and Innovation

We don’t wish to hide our talents, we are capable of researching answers through curiosity, observation and always asking questions.

Our innovation is not a fashion, but a style; we will never manage to work by trusting machines, even those of the highest technology, if they are not capable of giving us what we want. This is why we have committed ourselves heart and soul to overcoming the obstacles, from the very beginning of our journey.

In tandem with the growth of the company we have created a work group with three collaborators who, believing in our intuition, have obtained the accreditation, at the end of a richly stimulating but also demanding path, to create a range of new products with a high content of polyphenols and with strong probiotic activity.

For this, at the end of the research path, in order not to waste the precious contribution of years of work, we have created the new innovative start-up “Prebiò” that has research in the field of agri-food as its mission, with particular attention to the olive sector.