We have applied the framework of the agri-food chain, bringing together an enterprise network of various specialist businesses, commencing from the production in the field, passing through the processing and the marketing and then, finally, arriving at research and innovation.

This has allowed us to involve and, precisely, to “network” and combine in a unique container both the numerous experiences of our collaborators in the countryside, in each production facility or research laboratory, and the commercial aspect, where the various activities, even the seasonal ones, intersect with the experiences that each of our guests can experiment with, “touching by hand” the various phases of the production cycle.

Who we are also signifies the resources that collaborate with our businesses.

Our resources are especially our collaborators with whom we meet every day to overcome difficulties both great and small.

A young team, formed globally in a systematic manner through tasting course certificates, in which one must, first of all, know the product, and giving them the possibility to continue in their training in which our world, in particular, the world of Extra virgin Olive oil, is not a world for anything static, but is actually continually evolving, and it is especially small businesses that are called upon to lead the way towards the most established ones.

It seems to be a paradox, but the attention today, even of the multinationals, on sensory qualities was not even imaginable just a few years ago.

We’ll wait for you in our microcosm at Via Maso Belli, 1/B, 38066 Riva del Garda (TN)