We want to involve you in and with our experience and our passion.

First of all we will take you in, and let you get to know our Domus Olivae, the Eco sustainable house of olives, from how we gather them to what we extract from them.

If you are then intrigued and interested, also as a partner to become qualified as one of our AMBASSADORS, we can suggest various methods of collaboration, even ones that are tailored to you. We will help you to create your own business, whether commercial, agricultural or agri-touristic, for the part and the experience that we are the bearers of.

We don’t want to impose, but will help you to develop yourself and your conception of ENTERPRISE, if possible without mistakes. We have no secrets; your success is our satisfaction, talking about olives, excellent oil, of the right way to use it, and of how there are still unexplored treasures of its use.

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